Website design in Boston, MA

Website design in Boston, MA
Because webdesign is a creative type of work you should always choose a company with which you can hold meetings face to face. What everybody seems to do nowadays when searching for a good webdesigner is browsing the Internet for the biggest and most remote webdesign agency out there, thinking that an international company is much better than a local one.

But there are a lot of webdesign companies based in Boston, Massachusetts who can fulfill your needs just as easy, without having to go through all the hassle like Skype conferences and back and forth e-mailing that takes you nowhere.

Name: W3EDGE
Services: Web Layouts, Branding/Identity, Interactive design, 3D Drawings, SEO, Internet Marketing, Facebook Apps
This company has a solid portfolio of websites. They have over 80 websites built and a lot of positive feedback from clients. One thing that stands out is that a lot of their customers are from outside Boston meaning that they either have very good communication skills or a pretty big sales team.

These guys also make the W3 Total Cache plugin for the WordPress platform which is a performance optimization addon for blogs and wordpress websites. They seem to be the best choice when you want a WordPress based website or to optimize your existing blog.

Name: Boston Interactive
Services: Web Layouts, Branding/Identity, Flash development, SEO, Internet Marketing, E-mail Marketing
With a really nice design for their own website and large portfolio Boston Interactive seems like a winner. They have a lot of clients that are either associations (and) or foundations.

They have a more humane approach to their design style and seem perfect for people who have businesses that work directly with their customers through their website.

Name: Verve Creative
Services: Web Layouts, Branding/Identity, SEO, Package design, Internet Marketing, Advertising
Having an old-school website, Verve Creative might seem a little off in the website design in comparison with the other Boston companies. But they have a very good package design department.

They seem like an excellent choice if you have a real product that you want to sell on the market.

Name: Eric Benoit
Services: Web Layouts, Branding/Identity, Web Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, UI design
This one is not a Boston webdesign company but a website designer. Eric Benoit seems to have everything you can get from a full-blown company. His strong point seems to be the User Interface Design.

He is an excellent choice if you want to redesign or create a web application that is user intuitive and still keep the professional look.

Name: Genuine Interactive
Services: Web Layouts, Branding/Identity, Web Development, SEO, Banner design, Internet Marketing, UI design, Viral campaign development
They have a very clean style of designing.

Name: Boston Web Designers
Services: Web Layouts, Branding/Identity, Webdesign, Flash Animation, Application development, Flash game programming, Internet Marketing
From a design point of view they seem alright, however that is not their strong point. They have a lot of Flash programming experience and interactive design projects.

If you would like to create web games or just make your website interactive in some way, these guys might just have the necessary experience to help you out.

With all of this talent in Boston, MA, one thing is clear – you don’t have to venture outside of Boston to find a top notch web design company for your website. What’s more, most of the companies that are in the Boston area seem to have a lot of success both in the US and internationally. This means that other people find them good enough to work with them remotely. So, think about what they can do for you locally.

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